Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Roberts Knocks 'Em Dead

John Roberts showed Americans again today how truly intelligent and well-balanced he really is. His level-headed, calm, and collected answers ring true to the necessary qualities of a good chief justice. While Democrats attempted to corner Roberts and get him to say anything harmful to his cause, he repeatedly managed their questions. Over and over, he assured lawmakers he would be guided by his understanding of the facts of cases, the law and the Constitution, not by his personal views.

After today, especially, it has to have become apparent to Senate Democrats that Roberts is going to get confirmed. His legal mind is far too sharp to be caught by any of the traps the questioning committee lays. Roberts' collectedness and knowledge HAS to be frustrating to Ed Kennedy, Chuck Schumer, and Dick Durbin. They don't have much of a choice but to allow Roberts to pass right on through his confirmation. Or they could take the approach of Joe Biden, and butcher metaphors.

Biden attempted to play off of Roberts' use of a baseball metaphor (that judges are like umpires), but was so focused on discrediting the nominee that he got his point completely wrong. If Biden can't figure out baseball metaphors that are common knowledge to most red-blooded Americans, how can we ever think he has enough knowledge of the constitution to consider him credible in reviewing a nominee for the Supreme Court?

The American public will be glad to see the Senate Democrats fail in stopping the Roberts nomination, and happy to see a well-qualified justice be placed on the highest bench in the land.