Friday, September 30, 2005

More Dirt On Ronnie Earle

As if there wasn't enough controversy swirling around Tom Delay's indictment, consider this story from the AP:

The Texas district attorney who brought the criminal case against House Majority Leader Tom DeLay gave a movie crew behind-the-scenes access during the investigation - proof, DeLay's defenders say, that the D.A. is trying to make headlines for himself.

"It proves that Ronnie Earle's determination to move ahead with a baseless case was scripted from day one," said Ben Porritt, DeLay's spokesman in Washington...

Long before the indictment, DeLay defenders had said Earle, a Democrat, was on a witch hunt and was seeking national publicity with his campaign-finance probe. Earle made appearances in connection with the investigation on "60 Minutes" and PBS'"NOW" and has been profiled by Time and Esquire magazines and other news organizations.

The access given to the filmmakers "clearly shows Ronnie Earle had ulterior motives. Not only was he out for partisan gain, he was out to promote himself as well," said Carl Forti, spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The objective of Ronnie Earle is exposed here for what it is: a cheap opportunistic attempt at getting national attention and recognition.

As I suggested on Wednesday, head over to Captain's Quarters for a comprehensive post on Delay's indictment, including more background information on Ronnie Earle.