Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Judicial Update

The Roberts vote is scheduled for 11:30am in the Senate on Thursday. With solid Republican support, and division among Democrats, especially with the 7 Dems who are part of the 14 senator judicial compromise earlier this summer, I expect Roberts to be easily confirmed. Captain's Quarters assesses the situation facing the Democrats and the president with the impending confirmation of Roberts.

ConfirmThem thinks that Miguel Estrada could be the nominee.

RedState has a good review of what we know and don't know regarding the next SCOTUS nomiee.

But I'm still in agreement with Hugh Hewitt, and I'd rather see Luttig or McConnell appointed to the bench. Whatever the choice is, the Democrats have not put themselves in any sort of position of contention, and the new SCOTUS nominee shouldn't have a terrible problem with confirmation.