Saturday, September 24, 2005

Finally, Some Good News About Rita

The Hurricane hit the mainland early this morning, but was much less devasting than originally feared. Residents of the hurricane-threatened areas breathed a collective sigh of relief when they heard this news.

Thankfully, the barrier island of Galveston escaped the predicted devastation.

So did Houston. And residents of the city are now returning to their homes, although emergency agencies have requested them not to.

And quite fortunately, the oil-refineries escaped the brunt of Hurricane Rita as well. The feared spike in gas prices due to the Hurricane looks not to be the case, but prices could still be inflated if the pipelines and oil refineries are slow in resuming their operations.

On another note, the much talked about anti-war protest took place today in DC. Cindy Sheehan and the normal rank and file all made appearances. But the MSM hasn't reported it this way. Thank goodness for Jeff Goldstein, and his debunking of a story on the protest by Jennifer Kerr of the AP. (HT: Instapundit)

Michelle Malkin also has some provocative pictures from the rally.