Saturday, September 10, 2005

Cleaning Up After the MSM

The MSM types are sticking to their guns. The strategy of reporting stories inaccurately, getting caught by the blogosphere, and then still not retracting or apologizing continues. Three examples:

President Bush has been harshly criticized by both the media and the Democrats for saying, "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees" in New Orleans. However, Michelle Malkin points us to Pat at Brainster's Blog, who argues that Bush's critics have wrongly interpreted the "anticipations" that people had of New Orleans' levees in the event of a Huricane as powerful as Katrina. Pat says that there was a fear of "overtopping" the levees, but not "breaching" them. The difference is that "if the levee had just overtopped, then the flooding would have ceased once the storm subsided." This small bit of knowledge seems extremely valuable if we are to look at the critics' arguments with any amount of scrutiny.

Perhaps one of the reasons that Katrina has caused so much commotion is the images that are gracing our televisions. The major broadcasting networks allow clip after clip of the devastation to go on the air. The American public has been fed a steady diet of drowned bodies, horrible living conditions, and other graphic images. But where is the discretion? Instapundit points out that the major networks were quite hesitant in displaying the graphic images of 9/11, in most cases refusing to air any such footage. For instance, images of people jumping from the World Trade Center were kept OFF AIR. So why not have the same standard for this catastrophic disaster? The answer: it doesn't fall in line with the bash Bush agenda of many MSM figures.

Remember when we were told of the apocalyptic proportions of the loss of lives due to Hurricane Katrina? New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagins made alarming predictions that Katrina could have caused 10,000 lives to be lost. But after the first street-by-street sweep of the city, far fewer bodies were found than had been feared. This is good news, of course, but it simply highlights the MSM's eagerness to jump on bad news and report it.

I highly doubt that any of these stories get any reasonable amount of press. I wonder why.