Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Blogosphere Must Reads For Today

Tom Delay was indicted today by Texas prosecutor Ronnie Earle, a hyper-partisan DA with a history of abusing his office. Go to Captain's Quarters to know all there is to know about the indictment, Earle, how the MSM will cover the story, and all the other significant details.

As more and more information begins to emerge about MSM negligence in reporting Katrina, one wonders how we can find their reporting on other issues (such as Iraq) credible. Go to Hugh Hewitt for a great post discussing the failures of old journalism as well as CBS' attempts to join the modern era with it's "Journo-Blog."

The Washington Post is catching up with the Zarqawi story. Austin Bay presents the key graphs and offers some good links for more on the situation.

For great coverage of the war on the ground in Iraq read Michael Yon's posts about his encounters with the "Deuce Four." Yon's coverage is just about as "hands on" as you can get, and you won't find more accurate reporting on what is happening in Iraq.

With the confirmation of Roberts scheduled for tomorrow morning, we begin to look forward to the next SCOTUS nominee. Wizbang! blog has a fairly comprehensive overview of all the latest gossip from all the big names about who the president is going to choose.

Finally, the investigation of Chuck Schumer and his role in illegalling obtaining information about Maryland GOP Lt. Gov. Michael Steele continues. Michelle Malkin presents the latest, and notes that despite the importance of this story, the New York Times has yet to report it. But we dare not call the NY Times biased for neglecting to report the crimes of a powerful Democrat.